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产品名称:    C型设备线夹 C-shape Device Wire Clamp





Performance Characteristics

C 型设备线夹属于非承力接续金具,适用于架空电缆与设备、开关的分支连接。C-shape Device Wire Clamp is a non-bearing-forcetension joint splice and is suitable for the connecting aerial cable with equipments, switch branches.

1.C 型设备线夹主体采用高强度铝合金制造 , 导电性能良好,高弹性。并根据不同规格的导线,设计有特定形状的导线沟槽或相应的铰接楔块,即使在导线热胀冷缩时,亦能始终保持导线与线夹间持久而恒定的接触压力。The body of C-shape Device Wire Clamp is made from aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. C-shape Device Wire Clamp has good conductivity and high elasticity. A specific shape of the wire groove or a corresponding hinged wedge is designed according to the different specifications of the wire, which makes it possible to maintain the lasting and constant contact pressure between wires and wire clamps, even when wires are affected by heat-expansion and cold-contraction.

2. 过载能力强,接触电阻小,由于线夹对导线形成稳定的压力负荷,且涂有抗腐蚀、抗氧化、憎水性的导电性能很强的电力复合脂,确保了优良的导电性能,热循环性能满足国标 GB/T 2314。3 电力金具试验方法的要求。Strong overload capacity, small contact resistance,due to a stable pressure load is maintained betweenthe wire clamps and the wires, and coated withanticorrosive, antioxidant, hydrophobic electrical joint  compound with strong electrical conductivity, ensure that C-shape Device Wire Clamps have excellent conductivity。 The thermal cycling property of the wire clamps also matches the international GB/T 2314。3 standard of general technical requirements for electric

power fittings.

3.安装简便,普通工具即可安装,单出线、双出线均可,选型方便。C-shape Device Wire Clamps are installation-friendly。They can be installed by using simple tools and are easy to select the specific model。 They also allow both single and double branch lines。

4。 节能环保,线夹材质采用高强度铝合金和不锈钢制造,无磁滞损耗,抗腐蚀、氧化。C-shape Device Wire Clamps are environmentally friendly。 The wire clamps are made from the aluminum alloy of high tensile strength and stainless steel materials, which deters hysteresis loss, corrosion as well as oxidation, resulting in long life of the wire clamps。

5. 绝缘外罩使用国内先进新材料和配方,阻燃,抗紫外线,耐候性好。The insulation cover of the C-shape Device Wireclamps uses domestic advanced materials and formula,and is flame retardant, anti-UV rays, with good

weather resistance。

C 型设备线夹的主要技术性能指标

The Key Performance Indicators Of C-Shape Device Wire Clamp

1.直流电阻≤等长被接续导线电阻的 1.1 倍。DC resistance≤1.1 times the resistance of connected wires.

2.温升≤被接续导线的温升。Temperature rise≤the temperature rise of the connected wires。

3.载流量≥被接续导线的额定载流量。Current carrying capacity≥the rated current--carrying capacity of the connected wires.

4.握力≥被接续导线计算拉断力的 10%。Grip≥10% of the theoretical tensile breaking force of the connected wires.

5.  拉断力≥被接续导线计算拉断力的 95%。Tensile breaking force≥95% of the theoretical tensile breaking force of the connected wires.


Naming of  Electric Meter Wire Clamp  


Models And Technical Parameters

铝绞线 Aluminum stranded cable(LJ)、铜绞线 copper stranded cable(TJ)、铜芯双塑线 copper core with double plastic(BVV)、铝芯单塑线 aluminum core with plastic(BLV)


Installation Instructions

C 型设备线夹为非承力型电力连接金具,不能用作承力金具;只能使用于设备与导线的电性能连接。任何电压等级均可使用,只要导线截面适合安装范围,对于架空绝缘电缆,在安装 C 型设备线夹的位置应剥除绝缘层。C-shape Device Wire Clamp is a non-bearing-force tension joint splice and cannot be used to bear load; it can only be use to connect devices with wires. As long as the size of the wire is within range, the wire clamps can be installed to any level of voltage. For overhead insulated cables, the insulated layer of the cable should be peeled off on the connection part.

1. 确定型号:按被接续的分支线截面规格和线型在选型表中找出对应的线夹型号,选型时把分支线I线型和规格当成横坐标,分支线II的线型和规格当成纵坐标,如  LGJ-185 对 LGJ15O 分支连接,对应的线夹型号为 CTK-821;

Determine the model: according to the specification of the model and the section of main line/ branch line

of the wires to be connected in reference to the table of models。 When using the table, set the specification

and model of branch cables I and II as the X and Y axis accordingly and cross reference them to attain the model of wire clamp. For example, cross reference models LGJ-185 with LGJ-150 and the model of wire clamp should be CTK-821.

2. 确定分支线位置:因线夹在设计中考虑满足不同线径的配合,铰接块两边的内弧面有不同的尺寸,大弧面配合大支线;小弧面配合小支线。规定:母块为大线,公块为小线,把铰接块拿出,使其成拱状(两拱块转

成一定角度);Determine the position of the branch lines: Because the wire clamp is designed to fit cables of different diameters, the intradoses of the two sides of the hinged block have different sizes with the large intrados for large branch lines and the small one for small lines. The female block is for large cables and the male block is for small cables. Take out the hinged block, so that they form an arch。

3. 安装:把导线扣入“C”线形槽中,根据分支线放入成拱型的位于铰接块顶部的中间位,装上螺栓及平垫、螺母,先用手拧紧后再用扳手拧紧螺栓;Installation: put the cable into the C-shaped trench and place the branch line in the middle of the arch-shape hinged block。 Install the bolt, flat pad and screw nut then use your hand and later a wrench to screw the bolt tight。

4. 螺栓拧至明显受力感,导线与“C”块及铰接块紧密接触,“C”块背部并有微微变形即完成分支线安装。When the bolt is screwed tight, the cable, the C-shape block and the hinged block are tightly connected. The installation is complete when slight deformation can be observed on the back of the C-shaped block。

5. 对于绝缘电缆安装前应剥去导线绝缘层,在完成分支线安装后,应加盖线夹绝缘罩。After installation is completed, an insulated cap should be added onto the wire clamp.

6. 最后与设备连接安装。Finally connected with device installation.


Uninstallation: loosen the bolt on the C-shape block,insert a flathead screwdriver between the C-shape

block and the hinged block, apply force so that the hinged block moves outwards to detach the cable and

the wire clamp。